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Getting through an interview could be a little tricky at times. As you have certain expectations from the company, they also have a few expectations from your end......

While stepping into this new world, the most important thing you can do is gain experience as much as you can. Even if you are lucky enough to get your first.....


We all have thought, at least once in life, to do a fun and exciting job. However, these thoughts remained shut in our heads with a heavy lock of future prospects on them. We all......

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Linqq is an amazing app. Not just for seeking jobs but also to network with professionals from various industries and to explore new opportunities. I have met so many people from different professions and would highly recommend everyone to download this app!
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It is very simple app to connect various professionals. It is very useful for professionals,companies. especially I like swipe feature.
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I came across this app from a senior of mine. Being a great professional networking app it will help you grow your business and build meaningful connections.
Suchismita Saha