What HRs actually mean and want to hear when they ask these questions

Getting through an interview could be a little tricky at times. As you have certain expectations from the company,

they also have a few expectations from your end. Whether you will be able to fulfill those, is analyzed during your interview.

Thus, it is significant to prepare well before going for an interview and understand how you must answer to live up to the expectations of the employer.

Listed below are the aspects of employer expectations that one will be interested to hear from you.

  1. Are you competent?

This is the primary aspect that every employer looks for even before starting with the interview. This factor is based on your educational skills.

Additionally, it is important to understand the job description for the post you have applied for. It will be easier for you to handle the interview in this way.

  1. Do you understand what has been asked?

Once the interviewer has posed a question or problem, they will analyze if you have understood what has been asked for.

Do not throw arrows blindly. If you are not clear about the question, request for re-phrasing to get a clearer picture.

  1. Can you communicate?

The question is posed. You think and start communicating.

Even if the answer is not up to the mark, try to keep it in simple words. Through your answer, they will analyze how you are going to answer your colleagues and boss.

  1. Are you open to learning?

Employers will put up a question and from answers at your side, it will be analyzed if you are a learner as well or not.

  1. Can you adjust?

The job environment changes from place to place. Thus, you need to make adjustments to be able to adapt to the environment around you.

During the interview, it will be analyzed as well that if you will be able to adjust to the environment. This would be deciphered through their questions. For instance, they will ask whether you will be willing to take up a task for a small period of time or will you be able to come at a particular time.

  1. Are you committed?

This is the eagerness to prove and work even if it takes to go that extra hour. You must have witnessed such commitments during academics. 


Thus, buckle yourself up by having a look at these points and rehearse in your head about the questions you can face and their answers. In this way, you will surely come out of that room with flying colors. 

Most importantly, take a positive approach and go ahead with a positive mind. Even if you don’t get through this one, overcome it and go for others. As they say, there is a time for everything.


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