About Us

Linqq is a hyperlocal professional networking platform, which helps you build meaningful professional relationships. Our zest for perceiving worthwhile connections has motivated us to develop a single platform for professionals, freelancers, businesses, startups. Unlike other platforms, we perceive a quality network.

With Linqq, the possibilities are limitless and the opportunities are varied such as, you can explore varied opportunities like; meeting new people who are a specialist in their respective fields, discuss the job or freelance opportunities, obtain a venture capital financing, examine business strategies, find people with different startup ideas, and so much more!

Our Mission is to make an extensive global network, which plays a prominent part in making professionals meet. The ideation behind Linqq is to get professionals acquainted with each other, which are spread across heterogeneous geographical regions. At Linqq, we prominently focus on building a network of diverse geographical people.

Our chief features:


Create your profile, and share your experiences, purpose and interests. Enlighten people about what you do, and know more about them also.


We find matches according to your location and interests, thus eliminating the wastage of people’s time.


Find people who are looking quintessentially for you, to turn your ‘can happen’ to ‘will definitely happen’.


Express yourself by choosing the automated options, or simply type whatever is in your mind.


You will be specifically searched according to your skills, and interests, and therewith connecting to the right professional match.


Linqq Media aims to be a top Media & Information platform for the Professional Ecosystem. The Linqq team will lead with the focus on bringing forth content that will help you in diverse ways, ranging from motivating stories of leading professionals to inspirational journeys of entrepreneurs, change-makers, achievers, innovators, startups from around the globe who are executing an idea that could make the world an even more preferable place to live in. 
Our motive is to showcase the creativity that every entrepreneur and business upholds. Linqq delivers relevant, incise, and high-quality content that not only inspires entrepreneurs but also instills precious business lessons in everybody’s mind.